What NOT to Do When Backstage

A set of don’ts for the backstage life of a dancer

A dancer’s life is never easy. You have to worry about so many things at the same time – your routine, your diet, your costume, and of course, your much-needed rest. It would be a great treat, then, if everyone in the backstage dressing room knew exactly how to conduct themselves, meaning, if everyone acted in a way that was helpful for everyone else. Knowing how strong this is as a concern, Rahat Lukum has also come up with a list of the things that you are NOT to do when in the backstage. It will certainly do you well to remember them, not only to do them yourself, but to teach them to your fellow dancers as well.

Don’ts When Backstage


Don’t treat the backstage dressing room as a studio. It is no longer the place where you can freely and mindlessly run through your choreography. Don’t make it appear as if you were so unprepared that you need to use whatever little space available to rehearse. Practice beforehand.



Don’t listen to your music with your player on loudspeaker. If you’re the kind of dancer who needs to listen to the music right before your performance (“It helps in concentration,” you say), then don’t let everyone else hear it. You’re the only one who needs to listen to it, so keep your music to yourself.



Don’t hesitate to ask if you forgot anything. The dressing room is a room full of dancers anxious to get things right, but it’s also a place full of human beings ready to lend a helping hand. Is it your eyelash glue? An extra bobby pin or two? Don’t think twice about asking for help. Your fellow dancers are more than willing to extend their assistance. You just have to trust them a little bit more.



What Happens After

When you’re done performing, don’t immediately get your head in the clouds and start thinking of your next Amsterdam city trip, or the next time you’ll be going on an Amsterdam holiday. Focus on the moment – you’re done with your performance, so the first thing you have to do is to clean up. Learn to leave the place as clean as it was when you arrived.