What is Rahat Lukum?
It is a dance group that was organized in Brno in 2004.

Who founded the Rahat Lukum?
It was founded under the direction of Svetlana Synáková, who believed in the power of experimentation and integration especially when it comes to the art of dance.

What are the dance styles that inspire Rahat Lukum?
Rahat Lukum is inspired by dance styles and traditions from Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco), Egypt and Turkey. There is also an interest in poetry, philosophy and traditions of ancient Persia (which is now known as Iran). It is precisely this, along with the newer oriental styles of Tribal Dance (inspired mainly by American Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion, which forms the largest part of the band’s repertoire, which blends traditional folk dances and folklore costumes with modern concepts and theatrical effects.

Do the group members share a good relationship?
Yes, the members of Rahat Lukum have excellent relationships with one another, both on the professional and even the personal level. All the members share a deep passion for dance and for the belief that dance is not just a physical activity, but is also a spiritual one.

Can I enroll in dance lessons under Rahat Lukum?
Yes, you definitely can. That is actually one of the group’s ‘missions’ – to teach as many people as possible how to dance, the Rahat Lukum way.


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