What to Do When Backstage

Here a few quick tips when you’re backstage.

Yes, it is highly understandable – a few days of vacation in a city as exciting as, say, Amsterdam, and that’s more than enough to make you forget about your ‘real life’. With your days of sightseeing, your priceless  tour in Madam Tussaud, and your unforgettable Amsterdam Heineken experience, you can barely remember who you are. But then you get home, and life suddenly has this way of reminding you of who you are and what you do: you are a dancer, and you are set to perform on stage in a few days, while you’re still fresh from vacation.


Good thing is, Rahat Lukum cares enough about you to share with you a few tips of what to do when you’re in the backstage – well, just in case the vacation was good enough to make you forget.



Top Etiquette Rules in the Backstage


Remember to keep your ‘footprint’ small. Basically, you have to keep your things to yourself. Of course, you are bound to open your suitcase and get your things out, but as soon as you won’t be needing them anymore, remember to fold them neatly back in place so as to allow more space for other dancers and their things.

Remember to share the mirrors. The dancers  of Rahat Lukum understand your problem: there’s not much mirrors to go around. But that’s exactly why and how sharing is important. You all need to know and be confident with how you look, and that begins backstage.

Remember to be careful with the costumes. The backstage is not the place for your food and your drinks, especially since it’s basically the place where you’ll all be keeping your costumes. You definitely have no need for the unnecessary stress of having to fix a badly-stained costume – especially if it happens to be yours. Make your life easier by exercising due care on all costumes. Pay attention also to how you are supposed to clean them or restore them.

Remember to warm up, and be compact about it. Similar to having a small footprint, being compact about warm-up means you are also sensitive to others’ needs for space. Given this, it would probably be best to do your warm-up outside the backstage.