How Dancers Should Feed Themselves

Every dancer’s question – To eat or not to eat?

All dancers have to face that million dollar question at one point in their dancing careers and ambitions – what should a dancer eat? Should a dancer even be eating anything? Absurd excuses like “But I’m on an Amsterdam holiday, I can’t worry about food,” or “I’d rather be renting a bike in Amsterdam and eat whatever I want,” are unacceptable. Complaining about eating healthy is like subconsciously defeating yourself. Imagine you are going to Las Vegas to play cards but at the back of your mind says, you’ll lose all your money. These thoughts are confusing which is why we need to avoid them at all cost. If you’re a dancer, you know how serious the matter of ‘eating right’ is, mainly because you understand that eating wrongly would also result to bad weight, and bad weight would also mean bad execution.

In short, you know that you have to eat right because your much of how well you dance would really depend on what you put inside your mouth and stomach. At Rahat Lukum, that problem is really shared by all dancers, and their solutions are also shared with everyone else.



The Right Combination

The key is to always get the combination right. As a dancer, your main concern would be to make sure that you do not starve yourself, and that with the food you eat, you must not get hungry very easily. What this means is that you need the good combination of carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat. Many dancers would recommend eggs, because they always do the trick of making you feel full, and making the feeling last more than others. If fibrous vegetables make you feel bloated, then you might want to avoid the salads as the feeling of bloatedness will only cause discomfort when you dance.



Nuts and Dried Fruit

If you’re doing back to back shows (like many of the dancers of Rahat Lukum), the best tip would be to eat little helpings of protein in between. Find the best places to buy nuts and dried fruits as you might need more variety. If you’re planning to buy them yourself instead of ordering them online, you can ask for help. They know the best sources of nuts and dried fruit in terms of pricing and quality. The Rahat Lukum members would highly recommend servings of nuts and dried fruit, because not only are they easy to eat, they also cover your much-needed protein pick-me-up.

However, you will want to avoid those energy drinks that promise quick hypes as they have serious spike and crash effects. It would be much better to stick to real food, as your friends from the Rahat Lukum dance group recommend.