What to Wear For Your Dance Lessons

Wondering what to wear? Worry no more.

So you just got home from your vacation. It was exciting, because you were alone for the first time on an Amsterdam City Trip, and with your Amsterdam city pass you were able to see and experience so much from the city. And yet, now that you have returned home, you realize that the your trip was too short – there are still a few weeks of vacation left. And so you ask yourself again: “What can be done on these few more weeks?” Well, Rahat Lukum has the perfect answer to your problem. Here is the suggestion: go on dance lessons.



Comfort Over Style

Many beginning dancers make the mistake of prioritizing style over comfort, and this leads to disastrous results. The probable consequence of this would be that you might be dancing in style but you end up with a lot of back pain and perhaps even some blisters. The key then is to always remember to prioritize your comfort and movement as a cardinal rule. Since you are going to move around a lot for your classes, you will be needing clothing that will make such movement possible.The ever-helpful dancers of Rahat Lukum recommend a good pair of leggings, first and foremost. Jeans are not advisable for your dance lessons, as they impair and prevent your movement too much. Leggings would be good because they allow you to move freely. In the near future it would also be good to invest in top-quality dance or tribal pants.



They also recommend a comfortable t-shirt or vest that’s not too baggy. It would do you well to remember that baggy shirts will not help in accentuating your movements, which is a key goal for tribal dance class. Showing off your belly is not a requirement, although it would also be a welcome option.As for footwear, barefoot is usually the way to go. However, if you’re not very comfortable with that, then top-quality dance shoes or sandals would be good.With all these clothing tips, do not forget that cardinal rule: when dancing, comfort over style.