Rahat Lukum Dance

It is not often that you see a group that has the charm, the elegance, the refinement, and the definitive movement that make them both unique and distinctive. You may have been a witness to a lot of лас вегас достопримечательности which display different primitive and local dances from different countries and cultures. It is always an exhilarating encounter to see dance groups that showcase the native traditions and expressions that they have from their home countries.


Rahat Lukum is no different. If you have not seen them perform before, then you need to reserve a ticket right now to be able to see them in their sold-out spectacles. This group is one of a kind. The combination of dances that they do and the type of experience they the group brings to its audience.

The Dances in Persiadance

The ancient Persia had a long and rich history. From the time of the start of the Empire established by Cyrus the Great in around 500 BC, you will realize that the culture that the nation had was undoubtedly influential to the nearby countries that they were in. You can even see theaters that provide a special Las Vegas kokemuksia that dramatizes the movement of the Achaemenids from their home country and spread throughout the ancient world

One aspect of the civilization that has greatly inspired the culture up until today was art and music. You have the traditional and ritual music that we can still hear today. You can also listen to contemporary music tracks that have influences from the old-style music that Persia had before.

The Persian dance stands out of any type of dance styles because it is an expression of the experiences and backgrounds of the society and the environment. Since Persia, and in turn, Iran, became the melting pot of a lot of the cultures of the countries that they became part of, you can see the fusion of the ethnicities in their dances. Some of the tribal groups in Iran include the Kurds, Jews, Georgian, and Turkmen.

Rahat Lukum’s style

Instead of choosing the normal dance styles that existed in their generation, Rahat Lukum preferred to carve a new genre in their dances. They opted to be a group that shows the fusion of the different cultures and tribes in Iran. They incorporate the traditional and folk dances in Persia to the new American Tribal movements. Even the stage is designed with theatrical effects and their overall concept and presentation adapt to the modern techniques in terms of dancing.


Reservations and deals

It can be quite difficult to reserve a seat to their shows because of the number of fans and supporters that they have. If you want to see their shows and be immersed in the tribal Persian culture through tribal and fusion dance? Are you a deal hunter who seeks the best packages for groups of people who want to watch their performances? Then you have to go back to this website and always check our pages to be updated with current ticket offers and bundles.